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Problematic or Unhealthy Teeth Can Cause Ringing in Your Ears

Posted on 3/20/2020 by Pacific Maxillofacial Center
Problematic or Unhealthy Teeth Can Cause Ringing in Your EarsTo understand how unhealthy teeth can lead to ringing in your ears, also known as tinnitus, it's important to understand how hearing and oral health are connected. Not only can problematic teeth cause or exacerbate tinnitus, an unhealthy mouth can cause problems in all areas of your body.

The Link Between Oral Health and Tinnitus

It has long been recognized in the medical field that poor circulation can damage sensory organs over time. When tooth decay or gum disease becomes advanced, harmful bacteria are allowed to grow around your teeth and gums, enter your bloodstream and cause inflammation throughout your body that restricts healthy blood flow to all your vital organs, including your ears. When hair cells in your cochlea become damaged or destroyed, this can cause hearing loss and/or tinnitus.

Can I Prevent Tinnitus?

Your risk of developing tinnitus increases with exposure to loud noises, so you should take precautions to protect your ears if you work in a loud environment or have a hobby that involves loud equipment. The cause of tinnitus is unknown in many cases, making information about prevention limited. However, establishing a good oral care routine and sticking to it is a good start if you want to protect yourself from developing tinnitus or hearing loss. Ensure that you brush and floss thoroughly twice a day and visit our office on a regular basis. This gives us the ability to monitor and track your current and future oral health.

To ensure healthy blood flow to your cochlea, it's important that harmful bacteria in your mouth remains at a minimum and this means maintaining a diligent oral care routine. For more information about how your oral health may be affecting your tinnitus, contact our office for a consultation. You can also explore other services we offer by following the links below:
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