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Anesthesia Options and Safety in OMS Procedures

Posted on 2/2/2024 by Weo Admin
Dental assistant fitting a sedation mask over the nose of her calm female patient.Undergoing any oral surgery can produce anxiety over experiencing discomfort or pain during the procedure. However, as an oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMS) patient, you can rest assured knowing board-certified surgeons offer safe anesthesia options customized to your needs for a pain-free experience.

General Anesthesia

For more complex and lengthy surgeries like wisdom tooth extraction or dental implants, your OMS will often utilize general anesthesia administered intravenously under strict protocol by an accompanying licensed anesthesiologist or specialty-trained registered nurse anesthetist. This involves a drug-induced temporary sleep state with carefully monitored vitals, allowing the surgeon full surgical access while eliminating any sensation for the patient. You wake feeling well-rested with the procedure fully complete.

Conscious Sedation

For less invasive procedures, OMSs may instead provide intravenous conscious sedation to induce deep relaxation. Here, medications produce drowsiness while preserving the ability to respond during surgery, but all sense of discomfort disappears with no later memory recall of the event. Conscious sedation offers the benefit of faster post-procedure recovery compared to general anesthesia and enables expedited discharge.

Local Anesthetic

Finally, depending on individual needs, OMSs frequently utilize local anesthetic injections to numb only specific surgical sites while leaving the patient fully conscious. Common examples include novocaine injections before tooth extractions. While sensation remains during surgery, no pain is felt in the anesthetized zone. Effects wear off a short time after completing the procedure.

Rigorous Safety Standards

Regardless of the approach, board-certified oral surgeons uphold the most rigorous safety, monitoring, and emergency protocols with all methods to ensure anesthesia administration never presents a risk while eliminating discomfort. Do not hesitate to discuss all available options with your specialist during a consultation to determine the optimal choice catered to your surgery and peace of mind. With an experienced OMS team overseeing the process, you can rest easy knowing any necessary anesthesia is delivered safely and effectively.
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