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Can You Talk Normally After Jaw Surgery?

Posted on 1/2/2024 by Weo Admin
3D-rendered jawAfter jaw surgery, it is expected to feel some discomfort, but this will vary with the individual. At first, you will drool consistently and may be unable to talk, but this will improve over time, and you can resume your everyday lifestyle before you know it. Read on to find out when you can speak normally after a jaw surgery.

Talking Immediately After Surgery

Immediately after surgery, you may experience swollen lips as well as soft tissue swelling between your teeth, making speaking challenging. While you may feel tempted to avoid talking, it is advisable to try talking, unless your jaws are wired shut, to avoid delaying your return to regular oral function.

Talking After the First Week

You can open your mouth in bits the first week after your jaw surgery, but your words may be unclear. Therefore, be patient and avoid getting frustrated when people often cannot understand you. As much as you can, try to be as slow and distinct as possible in your speech, or carry a pen and notebook or use your phone to communicate, depending on the severity of your speech challenges.

Talking and Opening Your Mouth After Four Weeks

While you possibly cannot open your mouth as wide as you would wish at four weeks, your speech is more precise, and you are ready for passive and active mouth-opening exercises. Passive mouth opening starts at four weeks and involves shifting the mouth from side to side, while active mouth opening begins at eight weeks post-surgery and requires you to use your fingers to stretch your mouth.

Recovery Takes Time

Recovering from a jaw surgery takes time and requires effort, but with some attention and determination, you can maximize your healing process and recover your full speech. Contact us today, and let us help you regain your speech after jaw surgery.
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